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5 Ways NFTs are CHANGING How Athletes “Play” in the Sports Industry

Have you ever wanted to own a defining moment of sports’ history? Wouldn’t you love to say you own Lebron’s heartfelt tribute dunk to Kobe? Or own a one-of-a-kind basketball designed with some of the hottest talents in the music industry? 

Imagine no more. With NFTs leading the digital culture by storm, NFTs are now hitting the sports industry with a HUGE grand slam.

Here are 5 sports and blockchain collaboration you need to know that utilize NFTs. Prepare to have your experience and love for the game become even more elevated.

  1. NBA Top Shot: Digital trading cards? NBA Top Shot x Dapper Labs have made this possible! One of the most well-known projects in the sports industry, NBA Top Shot is leading the wave of the digital era. Most known for selling the Lebron tribute shot for $300k+ USD, Top Shot lets community members buy and sell iconic moments in NBA history. Will Lebron be crowned the G.O.A.T.?
  1. Justin Turner’s Pitch for the All-Star game: Justin Turner, World Series MLB champ, is now offering free NFTs to the fans who vote for him for the All-Star games! Justin seems to be one of the first athletes that’s actually taking advantage of NFTs’ brilliance as an incentive, rather than for personal financial gain. Strategic? Either way, it’s an awesome project that will drive more sports fans to the world of NFTs. 
  1. TradeStars: TradeStars is the first ever platform where you can buy and sell digital stocks based on fantasy sports betting. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, TradeStars will let users trade fantasy stocks (NFTs) on a player’s real life performance. Think of TradeStars like the NYSE, but for athletes! 
  1. Fernando Tatis x Fernando Tatis has recently partnered with blockchain NFT marketplace,, to release their first ever baseball dynamic NFT! Tatis signed 123 bats, which he will mint and sell online. And if having a rare, autographed bat isn’t enough to sell you – one of them is rumoured to have a 24k gold leaf detailing. Talk about sports memorabilia having a major upgrade! 
  1. Bleacher Report’s Open Run Basketballs x 2 Chainz, Quavo, Lil Baby and Jack Harlow: Speaking of upgrades, Bleacher Reports’ Open Run Basketballs is collaborating some of the hottest names in the rap industry to create limited edition basketball NFTs. Trade your old basketball for a NFT designed with 2 Chainz, Quavo, Lil Baby, or Jack Harlow. And, if you’re the last holder of the NFT card, you’ll get the physical basketball sent to you as well!

We’re so excited about how NFTs are truly shaping a new era of sports and memorabilia collecting. It’s truly creating a new experience for athletes to connect more personally with their fans.

At idexo, we strive for providing a simple and fun experience by creating great products that unlock the full potential of decentralization and NFTs. Visit us at, and don’t forget to stay up to date with us on Twitter and Telegram!

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