Evaluating Estimated APY After November USDT Staking Claims Release

Today we release reward claims for November 2021. All claims will be processed and available by December 1. Here are the are highlights and updated estimated APY calculations:

  • $28,000 USDT was added to the pool in November, an increase of 40% over October.
  • Average eligible stake for November is 19,706. Average claim was $112.50 with an estimated APY of 98.18% (this includes Q1-Q3 estimated quarterly rewards, IDO rewards and multiplier, and assumes other months of the year to be equal, i.e. this month * 12)
  • Average eligible stake for October Stakers (i.e. eligible for Q4 and annual rewards) is 19808. Average claim was $112.50 with an estimated APY of 122.88% (includes everything that November rewards have + Q4 and annual rewards)
  • The updated estimated APY of 122.88% for October Stakers is an increase of 17% from previous estimate.
  • The estimated APY for new Stakers who make the December deadline is 98.18% (assuming a cost to acquire IDO of $0.45 and higher APY if lower cost).

The updated estimated APY for October Stakers is 122.88% and for November Stakers is 98.18%

Some deadlines to keep in mind:

  • The deadline for Staking to be eligible for December Staking Rewards is December 2nd. You can do that here.
  • The deadline for Staking to be eligible for Q1 2022 Rewards is December 31, 2021. If you are reading this before December 2nd, you can do that here. If you have missed the December deadline and want to make the Q1 deadline there will be an update you may want to wait for, stay tuned for that, or you can still use the existing one if you don’t want to wait.

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