Evaluating Estimated APY after Q4 2021 IGSP Staking Claims Release

Last week we moved the Idexo General Staking Pool from Ethereum to Fantom (in the process changing the primary reward token from USDT to USDC due to higher USDC liquidity on Fantom) and released reward claims for December 2021 and Q4 2021. Here are the highlights and updated estimated APY calculations:

  • $20,000 USDC was added to the pool in December, a 29% decrease from November and equal to the amount added in October.
  • Average eligible stake was 20,756. The increase was due to some Stakers who had staked in October withdrawing their stake, leaving less Stakers thus a higher average stake. Average claim was $958.45, comprising the rewards for October, November, December and Q4 2021.
  • The updated APY for October Stakers is 114.59%. This includes annual rewards and also the IDO rewards bonus.

Starting with this post, on a quarterly basis we will evaluate a Market-Adjusted Estimated APY, using the current available cost to acquire an $IDO token and stake in an upcoming quarter. Using a current cost of $0.2387 as quoted by Coingecko, we can arrive at an estimated APY for new Stakers staking in time for Q1 2022 as:

  • Estimated Market-Adjusted APY for Q1 2022 Stakers is 138.38%

The deadline to stake to qualify for Q1 2022 rewards is January 24, 2021 at 11:59pm CET. We have set the deadline later in January due to the time it took to move the IGSP.

You can do that here.

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