General Staking Pool is Launching October 5, 2021

The general staking pool for idexo is launching on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. For information on the background of the general staking pool view the idexo whitepaper.

If you are interested in maximizing the utility of participating in this pool, it is important to stake on Day 1 of the pool launch. Below are some reasons why:

1. Eligibility for Annual Rewards: 25% of all fees generated that flow into the pool are dedicated to the annual rewards. To be eligible for those you need to be staked for the entire year, meaning you need to stake on October 5, 2021. This is the reason we waited 2 weeks to launch this, in order that those with vesting contracts can accumulate enough to stake what they want while making it equally accessible for public sale participants to do the same.

2. Eligibility for Top Multiplier: The first 300 people to stake receive a 20% multiplier on their share, forever, or until they withdraw their stake. This means that if you stake 10000 tokens it’s as if you staked 12000 tokens for the purpose of calculating percentage shares for pool distributions.

3. Eligibility for Monthly and Quarterly Rewards: 5% of fees generated that flow into the pool go to monthly rewards and 50% go to Quarterly. Staking day 1 makes you eligible for the 1st month and the 1st quarter as well. Keep in mind that the pool is already starting with $20K USDT flowing into on Day 1 due to our signing our first CDK customer and this could increase by the time the pool launches.

4. Eligibility for Guaranteed APY rewards in $IDO: In addition to all of the above, staking day 1 makes you eligible for IDO rewards that we will be detailing in a follow-up post

And of course in addition to all of those extra rewards you get the first access to owning a stakeToken NFT that represents your stake and that you will be able to use immediately, by validating your NFT, to propose community votes and vote on existing votes, such as for creating directional staking pools.

Exciting times are here! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the General Staking Pool launch.

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