How The MultiChain Gang NFT Launch Mints Work And How To Get One

[Updated: July 13, 2022]

On Wednesday, June 29, 2022 launched the first free MultiChain Gang NFT Collection mint on Ethereum. Thereafter we will be holding similar mints on other chains, until 25 total chains have been reached. The cap on each chain is 400, meaning the total collection (including upgrades) across all chains is 10,000. The next launch is on BNBChain happening on Thursday July 14, 2022. The next launch after that is on Solana on Wednesday, July 27, 2022.. Once you have 1 NFT from 2 different chains you can combine them to make a new, upgraded NFT while still retaining the original 2 that you used (i.e. they aren’t burned; instead their ability to be used to upgrade are reduced or removed).

Here’s how you can get the NFTS:

  • On Telegram: You must be a member of the idexo Telegram Group to participate. Once you have joined you can open up a conversation with the idexobot and enter the command /mintBnb walletAddress (replacing walletAddress with your Ethereum-compatible wallet address to mint the NFT to). A total of 25 will be minted over 12 days through a lottery format of people participating this way.
  • On Twitter: You must be following idexo on Twitter to participate through this channel. Once you have followed idexo, you will see a Tweet published on July 14th at 12pm UTC that you can reply to using the command /mintBnb walletAddress (replacing walletAddress with your wallet address). A total of 25 will be minted over 12 days through a lottery format of people participating this way.
  • Through Community Key and Early Adopter: An additional 25 over those 12 days will go to idexo Community Key NFT and idexo Early Adopter NFT (from BSC) holders who participate through either of the above channels. To increase your chances to get one of these NFTs you can complete the community tasks necessary to become a full Community Key holder.
  • By Buying One: After the first 75 NFTs have been minted for free, an additional 100 NFTs will be listed for sale on marketplaces and on the MultiChain Gang site. 100% of net proceeds from these sales will be deposited into a voting smart contract, where the holders can propose, confirm and spend on initiatives that promote the MultiChain Gang collection/community and idexo, with votes restricted to NFT holders.
  • By Upgrading: Once you hold NFTs from 2 different chains, you can begin combining them to generate new upgraded NFTs.

If you have any questions on the above, please post your questions in the idexo Telegram, Twitter and/or Discord channels. Happy Minting!

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