How to move your IGSP NFT from Ethereum to Fantom

The Idexo General Staking Pool (IGSP) has now moved to Fantom blockchain. This means much cheaper gas fees for claiming rewards and much quicker transactions. For new Stakers it also means much cheaper gas fees and quicker transactions for the initial Stake transaction as well.

Here’s how you move your existing IGSP NFT from Ethereum to Fantom:

  • Transfer your NFT to the following address: 0xC4338d81fA27bc22A1d13e81fCc80e01e8EB7514

When your NFT is received at that address, you will be transferred the same NFT to your address (the one you sent from) on Fantom. You will notice that a replica of your NFT has already been created on Fantom at the IGSP smart contract. All that’s left is to transfer it to you once we receive your old ETH one.

Once you have your Fantom NFT you will be able to claim your rewards using that. On the Fantom contract, rewards claims are issued in USDC.

To facilitate the transfer, you can use the Etherscan interface for the IGSP contract, connecting your MetaMask account through Web3 using the prompt at the top, and using method 17: transferFrom and entering in your address, the transfer to address and the token id you are transferring.

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