Idexo Community Competition: June 22nd-September 7

Hey Idexonauts! Here are the details of the 1st $IDO Community Competition:

[Deadline was extended to September 7 on August 9]

As part of our ongoing commitment towards the idexo community, we have made available a budget within our token allocation towards community incentives. We are so excited to announce our Community Competition that will kick off June 22nd and run until September 7th as the first such use of those incentives! 

This competition will consist of completed challenges that will award you points. The members with the most accumulated points, will earn free $IDO from idexo! To earn the most points, you should try and have all the community NFTs we have made available so far: the Early Adopter NFT, and both Polygon NFTs. You also need the latest NFT on Avalanche as that is your ticket and scorecard for the competition.

The Polygon NFTs, one of idexo’s recent developments (see for instance the one you could mint with a Tweet), each have a special property to them – points accelerator. The lower the edition number of the minted NFT, the higher the point accelerator. When you validate that you hold a specific Polygon NFT, the corresponding point accelerator associated will then be added to your account. Up to 2 point accelerators can be associated with your account, increasing the points gained from each task.

For example, you can hold one Polygon Community NFT and one Polygon Community NFT Two and they both multiply to build a combined multiplier (i.e. whatever your highest accelerator for each is will be counted, two of the same set will not be counted). Then your points gained from any task will be:

Base Points Gained x Combined Accelerator

Here are some other ways you can score points to win:

  • Refer new members to the idexo TG group: 75 points
  • Get people to follow us on Twitter: 75 points
  • Like, retweet and comment on idexo Tweets: Start here! ( 10 points for each
  • Share our content (such as blog posts – start with this one!) on your social media network: 20 points
  • Create a global community profile and connect your accounts in our app: 125 points
  • Create content about idexo (We’d love to know what you think and feel about us!): 100 points
  • Sign up as a customer of idexo (i.e. upgrade an api key): 300 points
  • Star our github repos (e.g. 35 points
  • Create meaningful issues on repos: 35 points
  • Respond to issues (i.e. make pull request): 75 points
  • Acquire (by investing contest points earned) and use IDO test tokens to test out staking functionality and voting functionality with stakeTokens on a testnet: 35+ points per activity (more details to follow)

Some examples of higher-level big-ticket wins will be:

  • Get idexo featured in a media publication: 500 points
  • Get a famous celebrity to engage with one of your tweets about idexo: 1250 points
  • Refer a customer to idexo: 500 points

There will also be community-level big-ticket wins, such as:

  • Take over a trending token tweet with tweets about the Idexonauts (minimum 500 tweets – bots don’t count): 2000 IDO Community Reward to be shared evenly among all participants with over 200 points at end of competition. Can be achieved multiple times, up to a maximum of 5.
  • Get a major media outlet to mention the Idexonauts: 3000 IDO Community Reward to be shared evenly among all participants with over 200 points at end of competition. Can be achieved multiple times, up to a maximum of 5.

Here’s what you can win:

  • 37,500 Tokens will be split among the Top 10 earners who have all NFTs, divided based on their share of the total points of all 10 earners added up.
  • 37,500 Tokens will be split among the Top 20 earners (who don’t have to have all NFTs – someone with all NFTs can be part of both groups – divided in the same way)
  • If the Community-Level target is reached of 35,000 Twitter followers and 13,500 Telegram group members then an additional 50,000 tokens will be rewarded (25,000 will go to the Top 30 Members and 25,000 will be split among everyone else who earned points in the competition and yet didn’t make it into the top 30)
  • If the stretch Community-Level target of 50,000 Twitter followers and 20,000 Telegram group members is reached then an additional 50,000 tokens will be rewarded on the same schedule.
  • An additional 25,000 tokens will be reserved for rewarding big ticket wins, as detailed above. In the case of community-level big ticket wins, these will be distributed evenly to everyone who has at least 200 points in the competition (e.g. if the award is 2,000 and 100 people have over 200 points then each would get 20 (since 2000 / 100 = 20) ).

The competition will start this week’s Tuesday June 22nd and run until September 7th. It will kick-off with a new Avalanche NFT that will store your points for the competition and have some other features that will help you accumulate points. It will also serve later for other uses after the competition is over! So stay tuned.

You might be asking how we will track your activities and know to reward you points. Great question! To begin, you will validate your Community Competition NFT starting on Thursday, June 24th and build your profile of accounts that you will use to complete the tasks – in that way we can easily verify them. Other tasks such as referring members to the Telegram group or to follow on Twitter will be accomplished through specific mint commands – more details will be provided shortly on how to do that.

At idexo, we strive for providing a simple and fun experience by creating great products that unlock the full potential of decentralization.

Visit us at, and don’t forget to stay up to date with us on Twitter and Telegram!

Best of luck to all of the Idexonauts!

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