Annual Goals

Idexo Community Goals for 2022

Idexo has set some project goals for 2022 related to community growth, as follows:

  • 25 million IDO staked
  • 1M+ Idexonauts

To achieve 25M IDO staked we will continue to roll out new pools and products that add rewards to those pools. We are also instituting special ongoing dedicated reward pools for Early Stakers.

We have also added a Locked Staking feature to our newer pools, including the upgraded Idexo General Staking Pool. This enables the project to deposit larger IDO amounts into a pool with the withdrawal of those IDO locked until some date in the future (e.g. a year) and then transfer the Stake NFT for a fee.

These Locked Stake NFTs will still accrue rewards and be able to withdraw these rewards, as well as vote using their stake. Only the underlying IDO will be locked, ensuring a long-term commitment from these partners.

This will facilitate the addition of larger strategic staking and project partners.

Funds gained from these Locked Stake NFTs will be put partially towards continually supporting operations and partially towards adding liquidity and working with new exchange partners.

Achieving 25M IDO staked represents 8M more than all IDO sold in presales and will represent 62.5% of circulating supply at the end of 2022, and should give the project and its Stakers a great degree of control over volatility.

To achieve 1M Idexonauts we will be launching our new Community System that we’ve working on for some time that leverages everything that we’ve learned about building community through our various NFT campaign growth hacks. Part of that is an ongoing daily, weekly and monthly task and reward system with several highly viral elements built in.

Another big item coming soon is our Mobile App that has a built-in growth-hack that hasn’t been released anywhere else. We think this growth-hack has the potential to be so big that it could easily add 1M Idexonauts on its own if successful.

We will also continue to always look for ways to innovate throughout the year to achieve these goals.

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