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idexo’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) Recap – Greg Marlin (CEO) x Defiant’s CM

Greg acts as both lead executive and technical developer for idexo. Previously he founded and built a SaaS company to $1M ARR, has been lead software developer and CTO for blockchain and open source projects, and has held VP-roles in sales, marketing and strategic partnerships.

May 17, 2021 | 5:00 PM UTC

Where: idexo Community Telegram

On May 17th, idexo’s CEO, Greg Marlin, sat down with our guest-host and partner, Defiants Community Management, for an AMA in our Telegram community! The hour went by fast as we touched base on the build out of idexo’s roadmap for the upcoming quarters, idexo’s key developing features, and our plans to grow and give back to the idexo community. Below, you can find some of the questions asked by our wonderful and curious members, along with answers from Greg.


Could you please give us an overview of the roadmap? Which events do you believe will bring pace in growth of community?

The early adopter NFTs are a way to grow together as a community. There are some interesting functions we wrote into the smart contract. One of the things that is interesting is that we can update it over time. Imagine like a ticket that keeps updating and giving access to different things. Today we are going to upgrade those with an early adopter NFT and participate in this with a Minter badge / privilege that will allow them to mint NFTs for others in certain scenarios. Whenever we have events also, we plan to track status of the Early Adopter NFTs + having other NFTs for giving different levels of access for instance.


We love the idea of IDEXO being in BSC and Polygon network. Is Idexo going to integrate cross blockchain features for application? What steps are planned for the future partnerships / marketing of Idexo?

The roadmap right now is focused on building out the various functionalities of NFTs and NFT marketplaces. Part of the roadmap too is focused on adding new integrations – we just released Polygon and are about to release Avalanche. We have our eye on doing a few others that have been requested, such as Tezos and Solana. And we are building products using our own back-end, such as the idexobot, our SaaS app and a couple of others that we are thinking about. By cross-blockchain features do you mean bridges? In general we are looking at whatever features of different blockchains add value to an application. It’s nice when we can combine different blockchains together, like we do with the NFTs with Arweave/BSC, Arweave/ETH, etc. We are looking at a few others like this. We are also looking at making bridging easy and the transferring of e.g. NFTs across different chains easy also.


Is this more B2B or more B2C- related?

That’s a good question. Right now I’d say more B2B.


Hi Greg! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA with us. You spoke about the market disruption that blockchain can bring. In your personal view, on what timescale do you believe mass-scale adoption of blockchain solutions will take place, and what are the main hurdles before reaching this stage?

That’s a great question. If we go back to the Internet comparison, people talk about what year we are in. There are a few signs I’ve seen lately that point to it being 1997. That means 5-8 years probably. One of the big hurdles is the one we are trying to solve and that is the ease at which applications can be built and market-tested / iterated on quickly.


How can we give someone access to operate our wallet? Do they need to register, like WordPress?

We will be providing an interface for validating these NFTs and others, as well interacting with them, gaining access to special features etc. in our upcoming to-be-released SaaS app at https://app.idexo.io


Do you plan on integrating more blockchains to your services in the future?

Yes, adding more blockchains is a big part of our roadmap. As our core team, the two co-founders are both developers. We have recently added 3 more – and we are starting to pick up pace on this. We expect to be releasing many more soon.


Hi, what’s happening with the 3rd round of NFT’s (Polygon) that was mentioned. I want to have all 3 early adopter cards, love the project!

We will be opening up the idexobot minting again on May 26th. Make sure you are in the group here to mint it. 😄


When is the idexo presale? Can we get it? (early adaptor)

The next step in that process will be to validate your NFT (by connecting your wallet using the available options) in the idexo SaaS app. When you do that, it will give you access to the KYC step (without it you can’t access that). You will need to pass that KYC step to be given access to the community-driven private sale for early adopters.


Outside Outlier Ventures, does any other VCs onboarding on Idexo investors who hasn’t been announced?

We are starting to announce that this week. Look for that on our Twitter!


How can the Early Adopter NFT model be used by consumers to add value to their projects?

This is something we are thinking a lot about right now. Clearly there is strong demand for this and we are opening it up to other projects. The standard offering will be to configure the idexobot so that it can be used within their Telegram group (i.e. the consumer) and they have a package of Compute Credits to cover all the NFTs they want to mint (assuming they are capped as we did for our Early Adopter NFTs).


Could you give an example of an exciting use case for idexo in the future?

How about the early adopter NFT minting via telegram bot? That was exciting, expect more features from that bot in the near future!


Where do you see idexo in 5 years?

In 5 years, I see idexo as a critical partner for a lot of different innovators, empowering them to achieve great things. At the same time it will be very decentralized and will have leaders in the community of different aspects that present new ideas we haven’t seen yet or thought of that make a big impact in 5 years time.


Do you plan on integrating more blockchains to your services in the future?



Can you briefly how the top milestones that the team aims to execute before the end of this year?

One key milestone is everything we need to do for TGE and the related smart contracts as described in the whitepaper. Another is rounding all the functionality of the Early Adopter NFT and other community-related technologies. A big one is the idexobot functionality, the idexo SaaS app and most likely a mobile app soon. We’ve mentioned the various integrations we’d like to add, in addition to deepening the ones we have and offering a good set of all of the various functionalities that NFTs and NFT marketplaces can have to meet different use cases.


What is the thing that you are most excited about on the Roadmap?

For me, personally, the SaaS app.


Is there any strategic partnership that has been done but has not been announced by the team at this time?

Many of them – we will start to announce those this week.


In your whitepaper I saw that the idexo API is hosted on AWS. Do you have any plans to migrate it to a decentralized platform in the future?

Yes, I’ve had a look at different technologies for that – we’ve not done a deep-dive on them yet. If you have any suggestions, we are interested to see them. This is definitely part of the mid-term roadmap after we accomplish decentralizing the Compute Credit.


What’s your target? To be the biggest NFT exchange or listing major exchange this year?

Our main target is to create a great experience for people who use our products and our community. When we do that – I’m sure good things will happen. 😃


The KYC for the app hopes it will cover a very broad means of verification, because, for example, as Nigerians – we find it very difficult to do verification, because most of the documents we use as identification are not easily issued. We do have a lot of difficulty verifying on different platforms.

This is good feedback – we will take it under consideration.


Is the SAAS app is it out yet or is still under development, I’d love to see what it’s like, or what we’re expecting from the application, and is this Idexo for minting NFTs? or is it an NFT marketplace, or what exactly is it?

The SaaS app will have a lot of different functionality to fit different use cases. One of the use cases is to showcase a front-end that ‘gives life’ to back-end API services, and drop-in front-end utilities that make it really easy for someone building an application (or who has an application already) to integrate it. Stripe did something like this very effectively with their Stripe Elements. At the same time, the SaaS app will offer the community a UI for doing useful things related to their NFTs for instance.

What a great AMA! Thank you to Greg Marlin, Defiants CM, and all who participated. Congratulations to our winners who won $USDT and those gifted with idexo’s upgraded NFTs. We’re excited for what’s to come and we appreciate you for joining us!

Be an early adopter and mint your NFT with idexo.io. See you next time!

– idexo Community Team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/idexo_io
Telegram: https://t.me/idexo_io

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