Introducing the new idexo Roadmap

It’s been some time since we formally updated our roadmap. Keeping with our theme of we as Idexonauts traveling through the idexoverse, we are presenting each month for 2022 (and the last month of 2021) as planets we will visit. During those months, the planet represents special themes we will highlight throughout the month. Throughout the year, we will be working on smaller items that align with those themes. In each theme month, we will focus more attention on those themes, in terms of releases and programs.

Here is the proposed travel roadmap for the Idexonaut ship:

December 2021 – Planet SaaS

We are releasing our new SaaS product at This tool provides the foundation for self-serve no-code development of applications and marketing programs using NFTs (and other blockchain features). It also provides the foundation for many future developments supporting those and other utilities of the idexo Platform. We will be highlighting these features throughout the month and onboarding as many new users and customers as possible. We will also be beginning our recruitment of a sales team to grow the fees generated by this platform for our Stakers. And it provides an easy way to create directional staking opportunities through the use of additional features that can be billed for as add-ons to the core fee structure.

January 2022 – Planet Decentralization

We will be releasing details in December 2021 on the make up of the new ‘DEX for io’ and how we will be accomplishing the decentralization of stable pricing of blockchain transactions. This was the catalyst for the creation of idexo and its something we have thus been working on since the beginning, with intended approaches evolving over time. In January 2022 we will finally be releasing the system that will accomplish this and as will be detailed in the post detailing its release, unlocking new utility for the $IDO token. In keeping with the decentralization theme, we will be formally introducing the Idexo Foundation in January and how Stakers and other community members can participate in the Foundation.

February 2022 – Planet Homebase

Throughout the period leading up to this month, we will be releasing new Idexonaut Community systems, including a Community NFT and the $KRED P2E token. This will culminate in the February launch of Homebase, a new Planet that each Idexonaut can have for themselves and build upon. Then each Idexonaut can share their Planets with each other and visit them. This will unlock the beginnings of the formal place of the idexoverse in the larger Metaverse.

March 2022 – Planet Marketplace

In the lead up to this month we will be releasing small updates to our demo NFT Marketplace and methods to make it easy for customers to build their own marketplaces in a no-code or low-code way. In March 2022 we will be focusing attention on finished new features, demos and customers who are using these.

April 2022 – Planet Sales

Having up to a full quarter year under their belt, this month will be a spotlight on the new idexo Sales Team, what they will have accomplished, what new customers can expect in terms of onboarding journeys and where the sales roadmap will go from here, across the various idexo products.

May 2022 – Planet Partners

The SaaS app will form the foundation for many specialized configurations to serve different use cases. One of the key use cases will be for marketing and development agencies that can use it to win new and serve existing customers. In the month of May we will highlight existing successful partners as well as release new programs and features specifically that serve this audience. We will also highlight the blockchain and non-blockchain integrations and partners that we have built and will have built by this month.

June 2022 – Planet Templates

One of the key features that will be released over time will be specialized industry templates that make it easy to launch projects and applications that serve those industries. In this month we will highlight these specialized templates and how you they can be ‘mixed and matched’ to serve projects throughout their development lifecycles.

July 2022 – Planet Decentralization

In July we will focus attention again on how far we will have come in decentralizing key systems that make up idexo, with a particular focus on centralized back-end engines and relays and how they can be decentralized. We will also put a particular focus on updating the progress of the Idexo Foundation and how Stakers and other community members can participate.

August 2022 – Planet Homebase

In August we will revisit the progress of our Idexonaut Community systems and provide a special upgrade to the Homebases in keeping with their place in the rapidly evolving Metaverse.

September 2022 – Planet Staker Tools

Throughout the year we will be releasing new features and tools that will be discounted or free for Stakers. In this month, we will highlight the those tools and release new ones. We will also put a special focus on the many staking programs and pools available to stakers and highlight our largest and most active Stakers in the community (those that want to be highlighted).

October 2022 – Planet Productivity

As we progressively release new features and methods throughout the year, as proposed by our Stakers and demanded by potential and existing customers, one the key functional areas will be around Planning and Production of NFTs and other blockchain features and how the use of idexo makes one more productive in this area. In this month we will put a special focus on these developed features and highlight customer stories, as well as release new features that address this.

November 2022 – Planet Analytics

Another key area of development throughout the year will be tools for reporting and analysis on the NFTs and NFT-based applications (as well as other blockchain features) created with the idexo App and Tools. In this month, we will highlight those features and customer stories, as well as release new features that address Analytics.

December 2022 – Planet Projects

Earlier this year, we released the vision for Projects by Idexo, another opportunity for Stakers to stake their IDO tokens and have entire projects being built to MVP using idexo systems and resources as a foundation, and Stakers receiving tokens and fees from those new projects. Throughout 2022, we will be proposing such projects and making it possible for Stakers to propose their own ideas. In this month, we will highlight any of those projects that were done, and putting a special focus on new projects available to be voted on and potentially staked, with a view to addressing trends going into 2023.

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