Introducing the NFTme Mobile App and Directional Staking Pool

[Updated on August 4, 2022 regarding directional project staking phases]

Idexo is in the process of development and release of a new NFTme mobile app that makes it super easy to turn your selfies into NFT Collections and NFTs and list them for sale on a marketplace. We expect to release an alpha version to early release participants in the next few weeks and have a final version ready by Q2 2022. 

This app leverages the back-end engine of idexo to provide a seamless user experience that can run on any blockchain network that idexo integrates with (the user can thus choose which networks they would like their NFTs to be on). 

We think that making it easy for anyone in the world to create and list their NFTs in a few seconds opens it up to massive new markets. It also targets a burgeoning new market for NFTs that some people on Crypto Twitter are calling ‘SimpFi’ i.e. capturing the attention of people who simp for attractive people who have big followings and believe that therefore these NFTs are high-potential collectibles and since they simp for them anyways, they just want to have them. 

There will be a premium paid version to access features needed to create and list multiple NFT collections and NFTs, as well as to pay for gas necessary to perform blockchain transactions across different networks. 

We believe also that eventually this app will be spun out as its own project, with its own team and with its own token, while continuing to be supported by the idexo engine and ecosystem. Therefore, we are creating the first ‘projects by idexo’ staking pool where the rewards are not only the standard fees in usdc, there will also be an award of project tokens if and when they are ever released. 

In the event that project tokens are created for this, the split of seed tokens given to IDO Stakers in this pool will be as follows: 3.33% split between users who stake between now and initial product release; and 3.33% between users who stake between product release and 1 months thereafter. It’s possible to stake a separate amount in both time periods and get access to a split of all time period pools. These tokens, if and when released, will be subject to a vesting schedule, likely in line with standard earliest-seed vesting schedules (e.g. 12 months).

We are also recruiting a mobile user acquisition specialist to be there from the start of product release to eventually lead this full-time. If you are interested in being part of leading this exciting new project, contact us through 

In terms of the split of fees generated by the app flowing into this pool, it will be 50% of all generated. This split will continue until all project tokens have been fully vested (i.e. any vesting period has ended), if and when such tokens are created and distributed. If they are not, then this revenue split will continue in perpetuity. In the event that project tokens are created, distributed and fully vested, then the revenue split will end and Stakers in this pool can withdraw their IDO tokens having received all available rewards up to that point.

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