Join our Community Key Event on January 26th

We are finally releasing our Community Key NFT that will grant access to all the activities that we are preparing for you! We have tons of ideas and features coming in the idexo’s universe but you will be able to join them only if you own the Key of our Spaceship!

Participating in this event is free and open to all the people that want to support our project. There are a few steps to follow listed below.

1. Pre Mint your KEY NFT

The first step for an idexonaut is to pre mint your Key NFT. You have to pre mint it on:

  • Twitter

Open our Twitter Page.

Reply to our pre mint tweet this command /idonft walletAddress

  • Telegram

Join our Telegram Group.

Open our Telegram Bot @idexobot and send him this command /idonft walletAddress

2. Validate your KEY NFT

After you pre minted to both social media, you will be able to validate your NFT inside our Web Application .

  • Go to the “Validate Community NFT” Tab.
  • Remember that the wallet address that you used for the pre mint MUST match with the address that you have connected to the Web Application.
  • Accept the Terms
  • Press the MINT NFT Button and you are done!

Now you are a Real idexonaut! Stay Tuned for the upcoming news inside our Twitter Page and our Telegram Group.

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