Annual Goals

Idexo Community Goals for 2022

Idexo has set some project goals for 2022 related to community growth, as follows: 25 million IDO staked 1M+ Idexonauts To achieve 25M IDO staked we will continue to roll out new pools and products that add rewards to those pools. We are also instituting special ongoing dedicated reward pools for Early Stakers. We have also added a [...]


Introducing the new idexo Roadmap

It’s been some time since we formally updated our roadmap. Keeping with our theme of we as Idexonauts traveling through the idexoverse, we are presenting each month for 2022 (and the last month of 2021) as planets we will visit. During those months, the planet represents special themes we will highlight throughout the month. [...]


General Staking Pool Launch Details